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Terms & Policies


Discounts apply only if account is current. For inventory purchase only, there is a 2.0% cash discount on merchandise paid in full. There is a 1% discount on certified stones. On memo goods, there is a 1.5% cash discount if payment is received within 5 days of the memo date. (Send payment immediately.)

Certified Diamonds

Certificates will be sent only after invoice is paid in full.

Credit Terms

Credit applications can be obtained from our Atlanta office. Net 30 days for accounts rated JBT 1 or 2. All others, rated or unrated, must pay cash or cashier’s check upon receipt of goods until an account can be established. All others under $300 are C.O.D.

“Mazal Ubracha” Buying Plan

Mazal Ubracha means “luck and blessing.” Traditionally said when deals are made, this is the oldest term in the diamond industry. Crown Diamond Company’s Mazal Ubracha Buying Plan enables, customers to have inventory on hand now and pay for it over time. Unsold diamonds may be exchanged, and if nothing has been sold within 90 days, full cash refunds will be sent. No exchanges on stones smaller than 0.50 carats, parcels or melle.

Payment Schedule

For inventory purchases, customers may pay according to the following schedules:

Under $3,000  net 30 days
3,000 – 5,000  30-60 or 20-40-60
5,000 – 10,000  30-60-90
10,000 – 40,000  30-60-90-120
over $50,000 Call


Merchandise returned after 60 days may be subject to a 5% restocking fee (after 90 days = 10%; after 120 days = 20%). No returns will be accepted after 180 days.

Past Due Accounts

All past due accounts will incur finance charges of 1.5% per month on overdue balances.

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